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The Growth Dilemma, an Amazon Bestseller and Inc. Original Imprint, is intended to help entrepreneurs decide how big they want their businesses to grow, how quickly, how much risk they want to take, and how much leverage they want to use. My hope is this book will help readers challenge their assumptions and beliefs about what they want their businesses to achieve, and find their financing comfort zone to foster their goals. The book is full of real stories and vignettes that entrepreneurs can relate to.

The Growth Dilemma
Determining Your Entrepreneurial Type to Find Your Financing Comfort Zone
Where are you in your business journey?

Most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to push their companies to grow and get bigger. But they struggle with decisions about how big they want to become, how much money to keep investing in their company, and how to even go about it. They want more, but they’re not sure how to think about the problems, obligations, and risk that come with growth. This is the growth dilemma.


In The Growth Dilemma, Ami Kassar, author and nationally renowned expert on access to capital for entrepreneurs, shows you how to sort through your choices to build your business to the size and complexity that makes the most sense for you. He’ll walk you through exercises that help you:


·         Answer the crucial million-dollar question

·         Figure out what entrepreneurial stage you’re in

·         Determine your personal risk profile

·         Identify your own growth aspirations


Knowing these parts of your puzzle will not only influence how you think about your growth dilemma but also allow you to discover your financing comfort zone. Through the profiles of fifteen real entrepreneurs and companies, you’ll also be able to see, throughout the book, examples of how different financing decisions affect every kind of business. As you apply the strategies you learn, you’ll find the financing structure that will help you reach your goals.

AmiSights is any entrepreneur’s go-to when it comes to business advice and support. Running a business can be lonely and it is all too easy to get caught up in the rat race to success. When a crisis hits, pressure mounts as we must make decisions that affect the future of our business and out employees. That is a huge weight to carry. The insights and emotional support provided in this book offer a quick reminder to entrepreneurs what to never forget in times of uncertainty.

How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Flame Lit
How do you keep your entrepreneurial flame lit?

When COVID-19 hit the world, it impacted everybody differently. For myself and our team, the immediate  orbit was around what we could do to help business owners and entrepreneurs in America survive  the crisis. We had spent a significant part of the past  decade advising business owners and entrepreneurs  through their funding needs. At the time, we were  a small seven-person company that managed about  fifteen or twenty inbound leads a week. Suddenly,  we were getting fifteen or twenty inbound leads a  minute. 


We quickly realized that it was our responsibility  to do everything we could to help. We had the daunt ing task of learning about all the new government  programs and figuring out how to get the information  out there in a way that people would understand. We  immediately started a blog and daily webinars that  became known as “Aminars.” For the first one, we  bought a Zoom license for 1,000 and blew through it.  For the second one, we upgraded to 3,000, and people  still could not get in. Through countless sleepless nights and the dedication of my team, we did our share  in helping tens of thousands of businesses through the  pandemic.

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